2018 Austin Marathon/Half Marathon Training

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Wanna run better, faster, further, and… funner?

If “heck, yeah,” then Team Spiridon may be the hard-working, team-oriented, non-elitist, fun-loving, waffle-eating bunch of runners for you. Join our 24 week, high-quality, proven training for the February 18, 2018,  Austin Marathon or Half Marathon, or other races, including the Shiner Half Marathon in November. We’ll help you not only go the distance, but do it safely, and competently. And funly. And, for kittens and puppies and… unicorns.

What ya get:

  • A Tuesday group workout;
  • A fully-supported Saturday morning long run;
  • A full, online training schedule;
  • The “most effective, enjoyable, and trusted” waffle party in the country;
  • A challenging, but fun, supportive, social, non-elitist, and generally awesome atmosphere with teammates that help keep each other engaged, committed and eating breakfast.


  • $270 for new members;
  • $225 for returning members, non-profit employees, and RuffTail Runners;
  • The diversity of our group is important to us – we will not allow cost to keep anyone out, so payment plans and trades for goats and bicycle parts will be considered.

Schedule and locations

  • Tuesday “technical” workout at 6:30pm (6:00am group might be added, depending on demand);
  • 7:00am Saturday morning long run.
  • Informal social runs most Thursdays, at Draughthouse, Austin Beerworks, Pinthouse Pizza, or other locations, followed by, oh, look, we met someplace with food and beer.
  • Tuesday workouts meet at the capitol, Whole Foods downtown, or other central Austin locations. Long runs start at a mix of accessible locations around town.

Being ready

Coming in, we ask that half marathoners (“Halfsies”) be able to run three miles, and that marathoners (“Fullsies”) be prepared to run at least four to five comfortably. If you’re not quite there, yet, we can catch you up.

We accommodate a wide range of paces. You are not too slow. Our average runners are running around 10:00 per mile, and our slowest are around 15:00 a mile. If you want someone to chase, we have some runners at 8:00 to 8:20 per mile.


Team Spiridon has always pursued a balance of running for the individual, for the team, and for the community, and our runners have raised close to $100,000 over the years, primarily for local animal welfare organizations like Austin Pets Alive!, Emancipet, and Love-A-Bull. So, while fundraising isn’t mandatory, we strongly encourage and support it, and will help you do it.

So… are ya ready? If so, click here to register!

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