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How long have you been talking about running, whether you’re talking about just getting started at all, or getting past the occasional two to three miles you eke out when you feel motivated by a commercial or guilt over what you had for lunch? Or, have you run lots of 5Ks and 10Ks, but never really trained properly for one? Or, are you gunning for a half marathon or marathon?

With Teams Spiridon, you’ll train with a cohesive and fun bunch of people who train hard, but have a ton of fun doing it. We pride ourselves on taking running seriously, but not ourselves, believing that running should be part of a fun and healthy lifestyle – not a dreaded obligation, and not some sort of elitist thing.

What You Get

  • Two supported training days a week – our Tuesday “technical” workout focusing on drills, proper form, and specifically-targeted workouts, and a Saturday morning long run;
  • A full online training calendar;
  • Full-time personal access to your coach;
  • A supportive and fun, but challenging atmosphere, often with waffles and adult beverages.
  • There may also be a core strengthening class added, depending on interest and participation.


Training is ongoing, and you can jump in anytime. Our training schedule includes:

  • A 6:30pm Tuesday technical workout;
  • A 7:00am Saturday long run; and,
  • Some informal group runs, like our Thursday night run that meets at places like Draught House, Austin Beerworks, Pinthouse Pizza, or Zilker Brewing Co. (notice a theme?)


Our weekday runs will meet at such exotic locations as Whole Foods, the state capitol grounds, the McCallum High track, and other locations near downtown, with ample parking. Our weekend runs move around town, for a little variety.


$30 a month for new members, and $25 a month for returning Team Spee members, non-profit employees, students, teachers, service industry workers, and veterans of our armed forces. A definite bahgan.

Preparing Yourself

If you need running shoes, please go to an actual running store. Right now, that would be Ready to Run. No mall stores, no Academy, no Dick’s. Don’t be rushed, don’t be steered by pretty colors – make sure you get what’s right for you and your feets.

If you have questions about shoes, or feel intimidated about getting the right shoes, shoot us an email.

A few more things you need to know, coming in:

  • “But, I”m going to be the slowest person.” Math is hard, but I’m pretty sure no more than 4.2 people can be THE slowest person on any given day. In reality, that title will rotate. And if you are that one person, for one day, or for the whole training season – it just doesn’t matter to anyone in this group, as long as you’re making an effort. Dealing with and working through your limitations, even as you knock them down, is going to be one of the most valuable things you’ll get out of this training.
  • Once you’re in, you stay in. It’s too easy for beginners to get discouraged. It’s going to take three or four weeks to start to realize the changes and improvements, but if you stick with the program, and with your teammates, and yourself, you will see them.
  • Your head coach will talk a lot. You’ll need to deal with that. Fortunately, much of it is over email, with convenient headings and bullet-points.

Ready to commit? Good! Register!

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