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2017 Half Marathon Race Guide

In its 26 years, the Austin Marathon that was begun by a handful of Motorola employees in 1991 went through many iterations: for 15 years, it continued under Motorola, and later, its spinoff division, Freescale. AT&T jumped in for 2007 and 2008, before the turn of the economy cut many sports …

2015 runners

2017 Spring Newsies Training!

How long have you been talking about running, whether you’re talking about just getting started at all, or getting past the occasional two …


Nutrition: Avoiding Sucksville

So, let’s rehash some nutrition stuff, with maybe a little more detail than you’ve gotten before. Or want. But, it’s important to …

headphone mess

Ditch the Headphones

I love music. I love music far more than running, truth be told, which, in summers like this one, isn’t hard. And, …