Brian O’Neill

Secretary, Vibe Shaman

Brian loves Mt. Bonnell.

On August, 24, 2009, Team Spiridon received a mysterious email that said only: “47 years old. can easily run 3 miles. want to run full marathon. sign me up. BON” The Boston accent was audible in the email.

At first considered a potential hoax, the email proved to be the first of many similarly brief, cryptic emails from Brian O’Neill, ex-Beantowner.

Brian quickly revealed himself to be an adept runner and social magnet with absolutely no sense of direction, someone who could accidentally turn a 16-mile run into a 19 miler, but keep everyone entertained the entire way.

Brian monitors the vibe of the group, and uses his experiences managing restaurants from the Russian Tea Room to Chez Zee to advise on business decisions, delivering said advice in short, easy text or email bursts that the Benevolent Dictator can understand, such as, “Dude. Bad. Do the other.”

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