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Rob Hill

Head Coach, Benevolent Dictator

Rob has never won a USATF-sanctioned race. In 2012, he was in Houston for the Olympic Trials, which he happily slept through.

Rob does, however, believe that running can be a powerful thing in our lives, and our community. He began running completely by accident in 2004, lured by the promise of dinner and beer after a 20-minute run with a friend.

By 2006, he had run his first two marathons, was coaching multiple classes for another Austin running group, and began a decade of working with the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon. In the fall of 2007, Team Spiridon spontaneously generated out of a group of friends, and Rob has served as the head coach since then.

Rob spends his non-running/non-bossing-runners time avoiding using his college degrees, working in the non-profit field, pouring (and drinking) beer at Austin Beerworks, and doing the will of his amazing dog, Neko.